The Marquee Wedding Party Tent Provided A Comfortable Indoor Place For Outdoor Banquet

With modular design and flexible construction process, marquee wedding party tent provided a comfortable indoor place for a variety of outdoor activities, known as a “walking building”.


On the grass, Yuntu built a wedding tent for clients to use as a wedding banquet hall. In order to view the beautiful seaside scenery, the marquee wedding party tent is surrounded by transparent glass as the wall. Looking out from the tent, the sea level stretches toward the sky until it merges with the sky.


At the same time, the marquee wedding party tent with architecture, structure, equipment integration design, one-stop professional services. In the design process, the installation accessories that may be exposed are hidden in the structure, so that the overall details are as perfect and clean as possible, to create a comfortable and worry free mobile building for customers.


The banquet hall adopts marquee wedding party tent to replace the traditional reinforced concrete fixed building, not only effectively reduce the investment cost, but also can be put into use in a short time, save a lot of construction time, improve business efficiency. More importantly, the marquee wedding party tent can be customized to meet the individual needs of different users.

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