Outdoor Event Geodesic Dome Tents Kit With Heavy Duty PVC Cover

Can event geodesic dome tent be used for a new car launch? Of course it can. Due to the flexible characteristics of the activity dome tent, it can meet the requirements of all kinds of large and small outdoor activities, whether it is used as a ball screen theater, cultural experience hall, auto exhibition venue, or spherical restaurant are fully competent.

Recently, Yuntu provides customers with an 18 meter diameter event geodesic dome tent for new car launch experience. Because of the unique design of the spherical canopy, novel structure and safety and other unique charm, not only a good solution to the problem of no temporary outdoor place, but also the event attracted a large number of guests to visit, brought unexpected business effect to the organizers.

In order to ensure the air circulation inside the event geodesic dome tent, Yuntu has set up air vents and air conditioning ports at multiple locations, so that people can enjoy exercise in a good air environment. In addition, lights are installed around the top of the spherical tent to ensure that there is plenty of light inside. What¡¯s more, there is no column inside the dome tent, and the available area is up to 100%, which will not make people feel crowded.

The framework of the event geodesic dome tent is made of typical high-strength steel pipe material, which is truly pollution-free and odor-free, so that guests will not feel uncomfortable when walking into it. Because Q235 high strength steel pipe structure weight is very light, transportation and installation is extremely light, only a few days to complete the assembly and put into use, greatly reduce the cost, so it is favored by customers at home and abroad.

As a professional canopy building expert, Yuntu provides you with one-stop mobile spherical canopy building solutions, including installation and disassembly, supporting equipment, site selection and other matters. Yuntu heart for you to create a personalized space!

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