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The Lake Campground is located in Xinjiang, with a beautiful ecological environment and natural scenery. The color of the lake is as gorgeous as blue sapphire, especially in the afternoon and it is also a paradise for photography lovers. If you want to have such an experience, come to the glass dome tent at this glamping site!

Glass Dome Tent can be widely used for Glamping, Hotel, House, Office, Shop, Scenic spot, Seaside, etc. The tent size is 28 square meters, 2 meters large bed, can be accommodated for two adults. It can be a backyard lounge hall, exhibition booth, chill-out area, etc. Glass dome tent structure is popular in many outdoor settings because of its good performance in earthquake resistance and weather resistance.

The most distinctive feature of lake glamping site is the glass dome room – a fully transparent star room, with a shape similar to a yurt. When night falls, the campground is very few people, there is almost no light pollution here, when the sky is bright stars, you can see the road ahead all by them, if you go here, stay in the glass dome tent room, it is really lying in bed and open your eyes, you can watch the Galaxy Way roaming. Panoramic PC room, spherical mirror design, lying on the bed, 360 degrees without dead angle to appreciate the purest sky of the glamping site.

Without all the pollution of the city, this kind of comfortable life where you can lie in bed in the geodesic dome glass igloo tent and look at the stars is actually not far from us, as long as you are willing to go.

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