Have You Seen the Sailboat Glamping Tent? We Called ¡®Safari Tent – Jupiter¡¯

Have you seen the sailboat glamping tent? We called ¡®Safari Tent – Jupiter¡¯ the special tent design for campground. Want to go glamping outdoors, but afraid the conditions are too tough? Too stifling and too many mosquitoes, these unfriendly outdoor experiences do not quite meet the needs of light vacations or trips with children. In the summer heat, many people choose to stay indoors and at the mall. As early holidays approach, find a great place to camp, staying at eco safari lodge tent, bring your friends and family, and feel the comfort from the glamping site!

The Safari Tent – Jupiter in the SECRET glamping site looks like a sailboat. Inside the glamping safari tent is modernly furnished, like a five-star hotel. Outer fabric of safari living tent is 850g/sqm PVC, frame structure is 76mm galvanized steel frame, inner fabric is 900D Oxford fabric. It can accommodate in 1-2 beds. You also can enjoy the afternoon tea in the balcony. In addition to the basic bed and sofa in the glamping safari tent, the best thing is the large air conditioning and bathroom equipment. These two parts almost solve the biggest drawback of bringing your own tent for outdoor staying. The bathroom is separated from the wet and dry. Although not large, the hot water is sufficient. It¡¯s comfortable to stay in the eco safari tent after a hot shower.

YunTu Tent providing professional, luxury outdoor living tent solutions, to create an “immersive” original glamping experience. We can customize different styles and colors of glamping safari tents for you, please feel free to contact us!

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