Glass Dome Tent – Enjoy The Beautiful Dream Trip To See The Stars!

This glamping site is located in the red rock forest scenic area of Fuxi Mountain, with an extremely wide view. As a niche attraction, it has a beautiful world that is not disturbed and is another piece of pure land on Fuxi Mountain. There are 23 star-themed rooms with 6 different styles, such as glass dome dome, shell dome, etc. The roof is equipped with remote control canopy, so when you lie on the bed at night, you can look up and see the sky full of stars. Suddenly it reminds you of Zhang Dai’s phrase “sky, clouds, mountains and water” in the middle school textbook, and the glamping site can meet your beautiful vision of “nature, sky, clouds, mountains and water to see the stars”.

The glass dome tent are connected by wooden stacks that are both interchangeable and independent, and the biggest highlight is the glass dome, which is a sun room during the day when the weather is good, and a star room at night through the small window on the roof, with the vast starry sky in full view.

YunTu Glass Dome Tent uses laminated single layer tempered glass as cover material. It¡¯s  blue or transparent color and the thickness is 5mm. Of course, waterproof and fireproof are the most basic features. We use aluminum alloy structure as the frame material of glass dome tent. It¡¯s coated white, Grey or black polish color, including the screws.

Our glass dome tents are also very windproof. It is able to prevent 80-100km/h wind. Snow load is 75kg/©O(0.5KN/©O). The tents are like the semi-permanent building, they can be used in 20-30 years. And please don¡¯t worry about the resistant. It can resist from -30 to +70¡æ.

YunTu offers the whole set of solution for you. We can customize your own plan according to your needs. If you have the same ideas as us, please feel free to contact us!

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