Glamping Polycarbonate Dome Tent – Dream Place For Luxury Staying!

Go to Chaka Salt Lake in Qinghai and imagine the Chinese sky. It’s very dreamy and would you travel there one day?


The accommodation of the northwest Ring Road in China is a big problem during the whole journey. It is really difficult to find a hotel with good conditions and characteristics.


Tiankong No. 1 scenic spot was just opened last year. It is a new scenic spot in Chaka Salt Lake and the first scenic spot in the east gate of Chaidamu basin. There are many tourists in Chaka Salt Lake, but there are few tourists in Tiankong No. 1. The scenic spot is relatively mature. Besides the Salt Lake scenic spot, there are also a shooting base, Star Ferry, wetland, glider, horse riding, camel riding, and glamping polycarbonate dome, which is a comprehensive Holiday Area.


Each PC dome tent is configure with an intelligent air conditioner, an independent bathroom, and a multimedia network. The glamping polycarbonate dome is configure with a high-end intelligent control astronomical telescope. In the evening, you can not only watch the stars through the transparent polycarbonate dome, but also explore the stars through the astronomical telescope. Living in this transparent polycarbonate dome feels very romantic, and there is a sense of time and space crisscross.

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