Glamping Geodesic Dome Tent Witnessed The Four Seasons Of Georgia

In the heyday of the kingdom of Georgia, Georgia’s economy was very prosperous. The use of new farm tools and irrigation systems has promoted the rapid development of agriculture. The Georgian people have a deep complex for agriculture.

The glamping Dome Tent project is located in a farmland near the Black Sea coast of Georgia. Igloo tent accompanies the farmland throughout the year.

Autumn is coming. In the distant wheat field, the golden wheat is connected into a piece, just like a golden ocean. When the breeze blows, the wheat is like waves. They beat each other. In this ocean, the harvesters become fishing boats. They drive slowly, leaving the road full of straw, which becomes the afterwave of fishing boats. Glamping Dome Tent witnessed the joy of autumn harvest.

Winter snow falls on the farmland, like a snow-white quilt, while dome igloo tent standing in the snow is like a fat snowman, very cute. The afterglow of winter sprinkles on the farmland, giving people a warm feeling.

Yuntu’s Georgia glamping Dome Tent project is successful. Igloo tent has withstood the test of spring, summer, autumn and winter, and has no problems in waterproof, wind, snow and sun exposure. At the same time, I accompanied tourists to spend every spring, summer, autumn and winter of Georgia farm, which was deeply loved by tourists.

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