Glamping Geodesic Dome Tent on Mexico lawn

The project is located on a large lawn near Cancun, a tourist resort in Mexico. A dark green lawn is like a green carpet. The grass is also mixed with several beautiful wild flowers, white, pink and yellow, which set off the tender grass, like a green carpet embroidered with patterns. The breeze blows face-to-face, mixed with the fragrance of grass, making people relaxed and happy.


Yuntu designs and produces Dome Tent according to local conditions in combination with local climate factors The number of dome tents of the project is 2 untis, and the dimensions are 5m (16 ft) in diameter and 6m (19 ft) in diameter respectively.


A 5m (16ft) diameter dome tent with an indoor area of 19.6 square meters (204 square feet) can be placed without a toilet. And the space is comfortable, and tourists will not feel oppressed and crowded.


The 6m (19FT) diameter dome tent has an indoor area of 28.5 square meters (306 square feet). When a toilet is set, one king bed or two queen beds can be placed. This size is more suitable for two people or lovers.


Glamping dome tent’s boss also provides catering services. While enjoying the beautiful scenery of nature, he can also enjoy the delicious food. The opera provides one-stop services for tourists. Children can also run, roll and play on the broad lawn, get close to nature and enjoy their family.


Overlooking the big lawn from high altitude, igloo dome tents is like two big mushrooms growing in the field. It’s very cute. Looking to opening a glamping site? Please feel free to contact us for a best price and solution via Email.

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