Glamping Domes – Looking For The Geodesic Dome Tent In Farm?

Looking for the geodesic dome tent in farm? The farm is located in the suburb of Kunming. Starting from the urban area, through the viaduct and through the village, you will reach this quiet and comfortable place. The farm is built around a pond in the middle of the forest.

Yuntu has built a total of 12 units geodesic dome tents on both sides of the farm, including the construction of wood deck, which designs and install bathroom, toilet, water and electricity system. In order to make dome tents look more luxurious. YunYu has equipped geodesic dome tents with glass windows and smart glass door for this farm glamping. Considering that dome tents is near the lake, YunYu has done a good job of moisture-proof, and metal frame is a painted hot-dip galvanized pipe fitting. Each geodesic dome tent has a certain distance to ensure the privacy of residents.

There are mountains, lakes and beaches nearby. You can play with children. The business orientation of the glamping site is farm stay. The owner has planted many fruit trees on the farm. When the fruit trees are ripe, they can pick fruits. You can fish by the pond and enjoy the fun of the farm with your family and children. A screen can be built next to the dome tent. In the evening, you can watch movies and barbecue outdoors, and children can play in the sand pool.

If you are planning to make geodesic dome tent for your glamping site, please feel free to contact us for a best price and solution via Email.

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