Fully Demonstrate The Elegance Of Outdoor Activities – Luxury Arch Tent!

As the fastest growing luxury car brand in the Chinese market in the past two years,  Infiniti cars not only brought us the essence of “clash aesthetics” design, but also the elements of “power” and “romance” in the outdoor pavilion for the new product launch.

The arch tent is equipped with a glass wall, which is very appropriate to the style of the 4S store. What’s worth mentioning is that the roof wall of the arch tent has been improved and innovated to add banner advertising space to provide customers with a better platform for print advertising. At a glance, it gives people a simple and fashionable feeling, foreign and deep without losing the high-end luxury feeling of international style.

The oxidized high-strength aluminum alloy used for arch tents has better aesthetics and practicality than steel and aluminum structures. It has the advantages of no rust, light weight, easy construction, small size after disassembled, easy transportation and storage. There are also a variety of waterproof tarpaulin, ordinary PVC cover. In addition, there are high-end transparent tarpaulin or glass wall available.

YunTu Arch Tent to meet a variety of activities, banquets, receptions, senior conference, can play a role in an event held to highlight the dignity and elegance of outdoor activities, to improve the quality of outdoor activities and the image of the event.

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