Experience Luxury Glamping With a Difference – Sleeping Peacefully In Nature

Jiangbulak Scenic Glamping Site is located in Xinjiang, China, in a low mountainous area that combines the aura of the Tianshan Mountains with many beautiful legends. It is a place of lush water and grass, with mountain flowers. 


This glamping site attracts many visitors with its charming beauty, the poetic flowering sea, the world’s most bizarre slopes of the Tianshan Mountains and the star glamping geodesic tent standing a midst the beautiful idyllic scenery. The glamping geodesic tent is located in the Happy Valley of the scenic area, and around it are the colourful slides, go-karts and other experience projects, creating an overall atmosphere that is stylish, young and fun.


This scenic spot is the early introduction of the star glamping tent in the frontier. In order to give stargazing visitors a better experience, the Scenic Area has specially created a starry sky glamping geodesic tent camp. Walking on the green, wet grass, the cool breeze, breathing in the fresh air and the fragrance of flowers and plants, a feeling of being purified by nature comes alive. On cool nights, you can lie in a comfortable glamping dome tent, look up at the stars and listen to the heavenly sounds of the snowy mountains and pine forests.


Glamping site offers a wide range of tents, safari tent, tent hotels and rooms, all in different sizes. The outer layer of the glamping tent is made of PVC coated fabric which meets the national environmental standards. The membrane fabric itself is extremely tough and at the same time has the ability to fireproof, UV-proof, and to face all kinds of harsh conditions in the wilderness. The starry glamping dome tent interior has a large use of space and can be freely decorated.


Yuntu Tent provide beds, bathrooms, wooden floors, ceiling lights and leisure tables, and other accessories to create a comfortable holiday environment. The room is equipped with the appropriate ventilation to ensure internal air circulation, and give you a different experience. Of course, we also offers tent campsite and design to meet a wide range of customer needs, including interior design and construction layout. Tell us what you want!

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