Commercial Tent – The First Ice Hockey Cup In 2015

Mission: Build a temporary marquee commercial tent for the first hockey championship in 2015. Comprehensive functional areas include: Exhibition fan area, VIP reception area and equipment area. The whole temporary marquee commercial tent must be equipped with power system, lighting system and heating system to ensure comfortable indoor temperature.


Solution: As a supplier of one-stop solutions provided by marquee tent, YunTu built a comprehensive tent with a series of tent structures: pagoda tent for equipment room and souvenir issuing area, 15x50m party tent for exhibition area, 15x15m polygon tent for VIP guest reception area and wardrobe area. Walls are equipped with hard glass and plastic broad wall, Poster and logo printed on plastic board. This comprehensive mixed tent power supply equipment is diesel generator with a full set of switches. Diesel heating devices of various capacities provide a comfortable temperature for the whole activity.

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