Commercial Tent For Nike Women Moscow

Mission: A business promotion activity of “Nike women Moscow”, which designs and installs a set of temporary commercial tents to organize and carry out training courses in various fields of sports and fitness. The functional areas include the exhibition hall, the welcome check-in area and the dressing room for event participants.


Solution: Yuntu company has built a comprehensive tent of marquee commercial tent series. There are no supporting columns inside to keep the indoor space spacious. The span width is 20m. The wall is made of aluminum wallboard and printed with Nike advertising information. The main color of the whole commercial tent is black. The entrance is equipped with multiple double glass doors. The exhibition hall is equipped with a spacious commodity showroom, a welcome sign in area and a dressing room. Fixed on the cement floor with expansion screws. The entire commercial tent is equipped with an air conditioning system to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature.

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