Commercial Tent For 20th Congress Of The United Russia Party

This commercial tent is of extraordinary significance. It is used for the 20th Congress of the United Russia party, Russia’s largest political party, held on 4th December. The purpose of the meeting is to build functional infrastructure solutions for the 20th National Congress of the party.

This temporary commercial tent is located outside the Expo Center of Russia’s central exhibition hall. Dimension is 20x60x4M. It can accommodate 700-800 people to attend the meeting at the same time. The surrounding walls are aluminum broad, which can effectively resist 8-12 grade wind, snow load is 75kg/sm. Russia is extremely cold in December. Therefore, YunTu must also solve the heating system in the commercial tent to ensure that the indoor warmth does not affect the normal progress of the meeting.

At the same time, Yuntu also provides interior design scheme, using texture curtains to decorate the interior slowly, which greatly enhances the aesthetic feeling in commercial tent.

Yuntu’s project in Russia has achieved successful results. Local time. By unanimous vote of the members of the general assembly, Medvedev was reelected president of the United Russia party for a term of five years. Grezlov was re elected chairman of the Supreme Council of the United Russia party.

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