Aluminum Frame Tent – A Classic Outdoor Marquee Tent

Outdoor Marquee Tent is a classic and timeless Aluminum Alloy Structure Tent. Marquee tent is widely used for exhibition, trade show, wedding, church, ceremonies, parties, corporate events, sports area, as well as marquees for temporary storage, dining extensions and exhibitions. The length of the semi-permanent structure can be extended indefinitely according to the customer’s needs, allowing the customer to accommodate any number of people, technical drawings and quick installation make the whole process a one-time completion.

The marquee tent has a simple and solemn structure, which endows the tent with unique charm and provides more decorative space. The tent design provides customers with a reasonable view and a spacious impression, and is suitable for temporary residences for construction personnel and employees and temporary storage points for construction site equipment.


YunTu Tent is a famous supplier of frame clear span marquees with experience in creating elegant and stylish marquees, tailor-made to suit your requirements. We are lucky to be able to supply our marquee tent USA, Canada, UK, Mexico, Australia, Thailand, Cambodia, Qatar, Bulgaria, Romania, Croatia, Slovenia and so on. 

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