4 Season Swimming Pool – Outdoor Marquee Tent

Hot summer, many people want to soak in the pool to cool off, but the harsh reality is that there are relatively few swimming venues, some high-end community swimming clubs are not open to the public, and the traditional swimming pool investment is larger operating season restricted revenue is also a real problem, built in the outdoor pools and often affected by the weather and forced, if the city more swimming pools, those swimming enthusiasts do not have to find venues and distressed If there are more swimming pools in the city, those swimming enthusiasts do not have to struggle to find a venue.

The swimming pool marquee tent provides an umbrella for outdoor open-air swimming pools, which allows swimming pools to say goodbye to the summer limited, due to the open-air swimming pool with a tent roof, so that swimmers can experience the sport of swimming all year round, regardless of the season and weather. 

Yuntu Tent used tarp not only has self-cleaning, mold, but also a certain degree of UV protection, if it is an outdoor pool, the use of swimming pool marquee tent at the top of the cover, in addition to shelter from the wind and rain, but also to avoid direct sunlight during the day as well as UV rays are too strong and sunburn people’s skin, with this layer of protection marquee tent, like having a huge sunshade, to bring full security to the swimmer. If the original pool plus marquee tent, around you can choose open design, not to add walls or curtains, so you can have a more open view, but also more conducive to air circulation and natural wind convection is also more in line with the summer outdoor swimming habits, both enjoy the pleasure of outdoor swimming, and do not have to be exposed to the sun, you can also sit on the shore and chat with friends blowing the wind to see the scenery, comfortable summer evenings than this.

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