Use Sports TFS Tent To Create Large Integrated Stadiums!

Stadiums are mainly divided into two categories: outdoor stadiums and indoor stadiums. The former are mainly operated outdoors in the open air and their business capacity is more affected by the weather; the latter are mainly indoor and can be operated around the clock. In the city, the construction of a traditional stadium is time-consuming and costly, and also requires constant maintenance. However, some places now use Sports TFS Tent to complete the closed transformation of outdoor stadiums. Such TFS Tent can achieve professional stadium functions, can effectively enhance the competitiveness of the venue, and can be flexibly placed on rooftops, parks, lawns, community squares and other places to solve the problem of nearby residents’ sports needs. In the recent hot and rainy weather, some Sports TFS Tents are still incessant, and outdoor stadiums can form a sharp contrast!


Due to the modular design concept of assembly, the Sports TFS Tents can be built very quickly. After its construction is completed, it only needs simple decoration and can be put into use to achieve all-weather operation, which is an ideal upgrade idea. Sports TFS Tent has strong flexibility and versatility, only need a flat ground can be built, can also be moved and dismantled recycling, very convenient. This new type of assembly building spans from 3 to 60 meters, with 3-5 meters as a unit for extension, to meet the needs of small, medium and large sports sites. The column-free interior design provides a wide view and allows for the placement of large sports facilities. What is more exciting than the traditional stadium is that it can save a lot of economic costs, by replacing parts for maintenance, the later can be maintained without the need for special manpower and material resources. The use of sports tents can achieve maximum benefits at minimal cost, achieving immediate results.

Sports TFS Tent can be used for all sports activities, whether it is a conventional basketball arena, soccer arena, badminton arena or complex curling arena, skiing arena functions can be achieved in the canopy. It can effectively improve the efficiency of land resources, and can also complete the construction of sports venues with minimal investment costs. By using our sports tent products, we can upgrade the existing sports land and realize the grand blueprint of national fitness.

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