The Glamping Dome Tent Project In Richis Villag, Romania

Richis village is the location of the famous film far from the madding crown. Richis village is a paradise. Its beautiful scenery like a fairyland has left a deep impression on people. Many people envy and even yearn for such a place after watching the film, which can make people forget the noise and complexity of the city. There is such a place in my heart, which can bring people a sense of peace.

The glamping project is located in Richis village, Romania. The boss of glamping is an engineer. He has personally experienced the design, installation and indoor and outdoor decoration of dome tent. Yuntu configures a pair of vent holes on the dome tent according to the requirements of the boss. This vent hole will be compared or called cat ear in the industry. This vent hole is mainly used for better indoor ventilation. This design combines the principle of cat ear and comes with anti mosquito screen window, which is waterproof and anti mosquito.

The size of dome tent is 7m (23ft) in diameter and the indoor area is 38.5 square meters (414 square feet). The boss uses wood boards as component partitions to divide the interior into toilets, bedrooms and a simple tea room. The wood grain color partition wall is closer to nature, while the champagne color curtain is more harmonious with the partition wall. 

A dome tent with an indoor area of only 414 square feet has complete functions to meet the basic living needs of residents. Boss glamping enlarged the size of decking and reserved enough space for activities. The decoration of decking is also very exquisite, surrounded by lovely small potted plants. Guests can drink coffee, chat and enjoy the gifts from nature on the wood platform.

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