Outdoor Tents For 30th Anniversary Tennis Championship

Misson: Build a temporary Outdoor Tents for the 30th anniversary tennis tournament


Decision: For the forum, YunTu built two outdoor party tents. One is a “A” shape outdoor tent with a span of 10m, which is used for certification area and coffee restaurant. The other building has a span of 15m and is used for warehouse and catering area. The surrounding walls are composed of hard plastic wall, glass wall and PVC fabric. The entrance is a double glass door, which is fixed with a hard plastic wall. The whole outdoor tent is fixed with the ballasting system. The dining area is separated from the kitchen and ordering area by aluminum plate as a partition wall. Since the activity period is the rainy season in Moscow, YunTu set up the outdoor tent on the platform with a distance of about 10mm from the ground, which is limited to prevent rainwater from flowing back into the tent. The outdoor tent is paved with floor and equipped with power system to ensure the normal progress of activities.


Results: Yuntu achieved perfect results in this project and was highly praised by the planner.

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