Outdoor Party Tent For Private Events

Mission: Design and install temporary party tents for private parties in suburban elite residential areas. The interior space design must have a cloakroom, buffet area and welcome area to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature throughout the event.

Solution: As part of the solution, a temporary comprehensive party tent was built. The main exhibition hall is equipped with a temporary big party tent building with a total area of 750 square meters. The internal functional areas include cloakroom, buffet area and welcome area. In the field of technology , two pagoda tents are also set up as auxiliary tents, which function as sign in area and waiting rest area. The hot air gun is installed indoors, and the door curtain is installed at the entrance to keep the indoor temperature comfortable. The difficulty of installation is to install the temporary party tent on the rough tennis court and use the floor and ballasting system for installation and fixation. YunTu was installed the party tents at – 24¡æ, which is a great challenge.

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