Outdoor Party Event Tents For Corporate In St. Petersburg

Mission: Build Temporary Event Tents for large corporate in St. Petersburg.


Solution: The solution to this problem is to build a big event tents with a width of 20 meters and a length of 45 meters as the dining area. The eaves of the event tent are 4 meters high. Glass and hard plastic are used as the walls of the event tent, and double glass doors are used as the entrance. Due to the uneven ground and large slope where the event is held. YunTu built a flat platform, which is mainly made of galvanized steel frame and solid wood floor. Fix the event tent on the wooden platform with screws. In addition, we also built a smaller tent as the VIP reception hall, with a size of 10x20x4m, PVC fabric on the surrounding walls, and all event tents are equipped with lighting system and heating system. At the same time, we also set up two pagoda tents as check-in, consultation and item placement areas.


Result: Outdoor Events Tent – YunTu provides a one-stop service for the company’s planning activities. From design to installation, and then to the final use, YunTu gives timely feedback and the fastest response, and resolutely solves the difficult problems for customers, which is the worry free use of customers.

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