Outdoor Marquee Sports Arch Tent – Professional Padel Courts

Currently, the use of sport arch tents for stadiums is a relatively fast and convenient way to build stadiums. Arch tents are flexible enough to be erected on a variety of terrains, and they are also very convenient compared to fixed buildings. The components of arch tent are pre-produced in the tents factory, and can be put into use when the construction is completed, saving approval and construction time and improving input efficiency.

For example, for padel that require more space, our arch tent can be used as a padel tennis. The span of our arch tent is between 3m-60m, and the length can be extended infinitely at intervals of arch tent units. Recently, we have built a 30x35m canopy padel tent in a youth padel tennis training base. Through the closed transformation, the all-weather business has been realized and the business capacity has been improved.

As you can see, the interior of the padel arch tent is very empty. Accordingly, padel frames, rest benches, lights, and staff rest areas are all available, fully reaching the level of a normal level padel arena. In order to ensure the amount of light intake, the design of transparent tarp is used in some places, with a transparent view and cool summer.

Not only limited to the padel court, but also the soccer field, which has higher requirements for the field, can also use our arch tent. This is a 40×50 tent soccer field, the interior of which is a standard soccer field configuration. As you can see, the interior of the sports arch tent has a wide view, and the high ceiling height provides enough headroom to not feel depressed at all.

The combination of sport arch tent and stadium can generate countless possibilities. Sports arch tent will become the trend, and are now widely used in padel, basketball courts, soccer stadiums, swimming pools, equestrian stadiums, badminton stadiums and other sports projects. YunTu Sports Tent has also been following strict quality and safety standards to bring people a more environmentally friendly multifunctional sports stadium with quality services.

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