Outdoor Event Sports Ski Marquee Tent For Sale

More and more investors are also starting to pay attention to the ice and snow industry, ice skating, skiing and other projects are also known and accepted by the general public.

However, the high price of ordinary buildings, the difficulty of approval and the large investment costs have deterred many investors. At the same time, conventional outdoor open-air places have poor ability to cope with rain and snow and bad weather, which easily reduces customer experience and causes customer loss.

So is there such a building that can combine the advantages and disadvantages of open-air and indoor venues to achieve high cost performance? The answer is yes.

But, what are the unique advantages of the ski marquee tent in the construction of ice and snow event venues?

First, Significant thermal insulation effect

The marquee tent tarp is made of PVC double-sided knife-scraped coated cloth, which comes with thermal insulation characteristics. Compared with open-air places, ski marquee tent can block cold air and create temperature difference between indoor and outdoor. This ensures that customers can stay warm during the rest and activity time other than sports. In addition, the interior of the tent can also be installed with air conditioning, warm air and other equipment, and the walls of the canopy can also be adjusted with insulation cotton cloth, ABS board walls, rock wool sandwich panels and other materials to improve the efficiency of insulation.

Second, Diversified functional partitions

The ski marquee tent can now achieve 80 meters span and no extra column in the middle, the site is bigger and more open, suitable for ice and snow sports with higher net span space requirements. At the same time, the ski marquee tent can also be equipped with catering, logistics and other areas to achieve the same functionality as traditional sports buildings.

Third, Green construction can be relocated

As a new type of environmentally friendly green building, the marquee tent is screwed and fixed throughout the whole process, no need to cut and weld on site, no damage to the environment and so on. It can also be relocated without damage, not affecting the ground, while reuse, energy saving and environmental protection, in reducing costs while also fighting for greater revenue.

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