Heavy Duty Geodesic Dome Tent For Outdoor Event Party

As you can see this three 15M Heavy Duty Event Party Outdoor Geodesic Dome Tent is simple and beautiful in appearance, easy to assemble. Outdoor Geodesic Dome Tent not only has many sizes to choose from, the longest tent component can reach 40M, and also has a wide range of applications. In addition to regular commercial promotions, exhibitions and other activities, it can also be used as a large space facility for scenic camps.

By customizing the exterior of your geodesic dome tent, such as printing logos and letters on the tent cover, you will leave a memorable impression on your event attendants. The attendees are impressed and our company’s team of personnel can help determine your needs and make your vision a reality by customizing the geodesic dome for your event. When using our geodesic dome tent for your special event, the people inside the tent will be protected from the outside world. Our Heavy Duty Geodesic Dome Tent series is waterproof, windproof and snow-proof.

YunTu Tent provide one-to-one personalized customer service, we customized their own product according to customer varies of requirement, based on the local environment , from a user-experience perspective, combined with most professional and careful design concepts.

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