Great Experience! Outdoor Marquee TFS Curved Tennis Tent

With the improvement of people’s living standard, more and more people begin to pay attention to their physical health. Effective tennis can help our fitness and keep healthy, and now most people’s awareness of health is gradually increasing. In the face of few traditional buildings, the emergence of large TFS marquee tent has solved many problems, which can resist various bad weather factors and can provide comfortable indoor sports space with many spatial advantages. The tennis TFS marquee tent designed by Yuntu Tent – the sports venue for you, is also the future development direction of the sports venue, not only to solve the venue problem, but also to make a contribution to our country’s sports career, we are a one-stop design program to you, to solve your actual needs.

Yuntu Tennis TFS tent is built with aluminum alloy and PVC material tarp, solid structure, rainproof and mildew-proof, in the design of the roof can choose translucent tarp or transparent combination, so that in the daytime use is not required lighting, is the most economical choice and energy saving and environmental protection, Yuntu can provide a complete configuration, in the interior is also safe lamps and lanterns, flexible and convenient.

The specifications of large TFS marquee tent can be based on customer demand, unlimited length. Height can be customized. The walls are made of PVC material tarpaulin, rainproof and mildew-proof. The structure is aluminum alloy, to ensure safety, can do semi-permanent building, the important thing is that such a space to build for the ground is no requirement, so that it can also be used in bad weather, can be used in the community, nearby parks, vacant land can be used.

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