Glamping Dome Tent In The Most Developed Resorts Davao, Philippines

Located in the Western Pacific, the Philippines is a multi-ethnic archipelago country in Southeast Asia. It is famous for islands, and tourism is its main economic income.

Samar Island, Davao City, Philippines. The island is one of the most developed resorts in the Philippines, with many white and pink beaches and world-class resorts. There are 70 different resorts on the island. The project is located in one of the resorts on Samar island. There are 9 units Dome Tents in total. Every day, dome tents rooms are fully booked, and there is an endless stream of guests. The site selection of glamping is perfect. All dome tents are built around the sea, and the transparent bay window faces the sea to ensure that residents can see the sea and enjoy the magnificent sunset in every dome tent.

The Yellow Dome Tent looks like the sun slowly sinking into the sea in the distance. The Philippines is hot all year round. Generally speaking, Yuntu will recommend configuring the insulation layer for dome tent. The insulation layer has many advantages. 

1) Thermal insulation: In winter, the insulation layer wraps the dome tent like a cotton padded jacket to reduce the loss of indoor heat. In summer, the direct irradiation of strong sunlight on the dome tent rapidly heats the dome tent surface, and the insulation layer effectively avoids the direct heating of the sunlight to the room and reduces the power consumption of air conditioning. 

2) Decoration: The steel structure of dome tent without insulation layer will be exposed, affecting the aesthetic feeling. The dome tent with insulation layer is like a painted wall, which makes the interior more beautiful.

Many customers will have a doubt that the probability of Typhoon on the beach is relatively high. Will dome tent be blown down because it can’t resist the strong wind? According to the stability principle of the semi-circular sphere, the technicians of yuntu have developed and experimented for many times. With many years of experience, they have designed and produced a dome tent structure that can resist category 8-12 hurricanes.

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