Glamping Dome Tent In Kizilekum Desert Like A Living Creature

Kizilekum desert is the 11th largest desert in the world. Kizil and Kum refer to red and sand respectively in Turkic languages. The desert is located between the Amu Darya River and the SYR Darya River in Central Asia, including Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and part of Turkmenistan, with a total area of about 298000 square kilometers.

What really moves people and makes people feel beautiful in the shocking kizilqom desert is not the desolation, but the living creatures in the desert, so that people can really feel the tenacity of life. The Glamping Dome Tent project is located in kizilqom desert. The Yellow dome tent is harmoniously integrated with the desert, but stands in the desert with a vibrant attitude, attracting many tourists from all over the world.

The temperature difference between day and night in the desert is large. You may feel warm or even hot when you are exposed to the sun during the day. At night, tents without light will become unbearably cold. Considering this situation, yuntu equipped dome igloo tent with a heating stove with heat insulation board, without any risk factors. The fabric of dome tent is PVC fabric, which is heat-resistant, fireproof and non flammable. The fabric contacted by the chimney will not melt due to high temperature.

The size of dome tent is 7m (23ft) in diameter and 38.5 square meters (414 square feet). The indoor space without toilet is even larger. Tables and chairs are equipped in front of the bay window, which provides a space for guests to eat and chat, and can also enjoy the beautiful scenery of the desert outside the window.

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