The Destination Is Infinite, But The Number Of Glamping Tent Is Limited

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The Destination Is Infinite, But The Number Of Glamping Tent Is Limited

Looking at home and abroad, you may find that overnight, grassland picnics began and exquisite camping became popular. Now, “wild luxury glamping” have also appeared: dome tent, safari tent, african glamping tent have sprung up everywhere in China.

But even so, those luxury tent that focus on the wild and the original ecology are also hard to find a room. Mr. Zhang, who is engaged in the financial industry, said to the author, “for this trip during the National Day holiday, I booked the safari tent half a year in advance, for fear that if I finished booking, I would have no room.”

Yes, the destination is infinite, but the number of glamping tent is limited.

The site is located in wilderness, mountains, countryside, polar regions, cliffs… More difficult to reach, or more shocking scenery. On the other hand, the design is more wild, and the materials are natural, environmental protection, sustainable, extraordinary. Luxury is reflected in the fact that even in the wilderness where materials are scarce, it can ensure the provision of luxury materials and star level services, uninterrupted hot water bathroom, and high-quality supporting hardware, such as wine cellars, hot springs, and catering.

Miss Li, who is engaged in tourism real estate investment, has lived in several safari tent in China in the past two years, including Nordan camp in Gannan, KangTeng Red River Valley in Yunnan, Kruger in Xinjiang, and also took the Songzan route.

The initial reason for camping is to solve the problem of survival. With the passage of time, camping has become a way of honing will, exploring unknown tourism and educational experience, and finally a way of life with the nature of leisure and entertainment we see now. Of course, people hope to get more exposure to nature and explore nature, separate from the artificial landscape and return to nature itself.

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